Looking for better virtual business development and sales solutions?

Building relationships is the strongest form of support you can provide to your clients, no matter what size your business is.

Business growth is an essential key objective for all businesses. AS Virtual Solutions assist in the process of sales representation from customer service, sales support to business development.

Running a viable sales operation is complex, there are no one-size fits all approach to achieving a highly effective sales solution and business development system. Our services are focused on maximising the potential of your business development growth.

We endeavour to understand our clients business so well as to be able to offer a fully comprehensive solutions to their business development and sales solutions.  The key to growth is customer satisfaction, we ensure our approach specifies successful strengthened professional relationships. Our approach will help you create what makes your business sales tick. Our team of professionals work to develop and manage your business to success. Identifying your exact pain points that are holding you back, guiding you with fresh ideas for your business.

Our consultants create and execute business development and sales strategy solutions for your revenue growth. We help you establish the successful business you deserve.

We do the relationship building so all you have to do is concentrate on being profitable. We not only look after your leads, we build your business development plan from the ground up and work on your sales solution to strategically guide your sales growth. Business growth does not happen accidentally, it takes strategic development and initiatives to expand your business. Opening up opportunities to identify new partnerships and relationships. The main significance is adding long-term value to your business.

AS Virtual Solutions supports businesses all over Australia with  customer service, business development and sales support, remotely from our West Sydney based office.

Developing your business is about building your unique selling system. We work with SME’s to develop and execute their business and sales strategy’s that gives them a solid foundation for success based on practical business experience.  

Why work with us?

Where there’s business to be found, we go and get it! Making proactive engagement in the right direction is critical and always a potential sale.

We don’t sell what you offer, we sell what your clients need! Our job is to understand your needs so we can save the day, we do this by listening carefully to your requirements to embrace and develop opportunities to nail those top leads.  Our business development team will seek out and establish your business development model, qualify leads and establish strong long lasting relationships.

With outsourced services to manage your customer service, business development and sales support, our clients save up to 50% of their time, giving them back the opportunity of focusing on other aspects of their business. We help grow your business to stand out from the crowd with our unique strategy. 


Adele rocks my world. Like REALLY rocks it. In less than two weeks she’s transformed my business. Stuff is getting done and we’re getting sorted, streamlined and efficient. She’s proactive and responsive. Most of all, she’s the loveliest person ever. Thanks to her I can see sunlight and a whole new business ahead of me, and I can’t wait.

Melinda Leyshon


I have worked with Adele for a little while now and from day one it was off to a running start. As I get busier with a growing company I have no worries about leaving almost all of my administration in her capable hands. From the start she said “I got this” and she totally has. On top of this, she is friendly, approachable and quick to take on feedback. Somehow she manages to be in many places at once!  I can recommend Adele wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help with virtually any task, although I won’t tell too many people – I want to keep her for my own business!

John Wilmshurst

Photographer, Grain & Weave

Adele is a gem to work with. She has a thorough understanding of her field and is more than delightful to work with. With an impeccable phone manner, Adele has fabulous communication and gets things done promptly. I felt like a top priority working with Adele and she was fantastic at keeping me up to date throughout my project. Highly recommend to anyone considering working with Adele.

Leanne Woff

Virtual Infinity