Looking for a Virtual Assistant based in Australia who can help you reach more customers?

No matter what your business is, an ASVS Virtual Assistant can get your business support organised today.

What can AS Virtual Solutions help you with?

Business Development

Office Management

Sales Support




Accounts Management

Customer Service

Adele Stewart - Owner AS Virtual Solutions Australia


All our Virtual Assistants live and work in Australia

At AS Virtual Solutions, our job is to understand your needs so we can save the day. We do this by listening carefully to your requirements to embrace and develop opportunities.

Working smarter not harder

Our team knows that your time in business is crucial and if you had the time to work ON your business rather than in it, you’d jump at the opportunity, right? Juggling too many tasks can lead to missed calls, delayed responses to emails and more, putting you behind and not capturing profit and growth.


By outsourcing to an ASVS virtual assistant to manage and support your business you will save up to 50% of your time, getting back the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business such as those meetings you’ve not been able to attend.

Peace of mind!

A Virtual Assistant from As Virtual Solutions are specialists in supporting businesses from the ground up. We found that by putting the right building blocks in place puts a well-defined business framework for managing activities and a realistic ROI formula. Using our years of experience and expertise, it is our mission to give you back your time to work on your business and grow as you have always dreamed of.

Why work with us?

An Australian virtual assistant from AS Virtual Solutions help you grow your business so you can stand out from the crowd with our unique virtual assistant strategy.

Adele rocks my world. Like REALLY rocks it. In less than two weeks she’s transformed my business. Stuff is getting done and we’re getting sorted, streamlined and efficient. She’s proactive and responsive. Most of all, she’s the loveliest person ever. Thanks to her I can see sunlight and a whole new business ahead of me, and I can't wait.

Melinda Leyshon


We used AS Virtual Solutions to help us arrange multiple aspects of a relocation, and were amazed at the end result. They were able to help us arrange signage, a complete office renovation, electrical fit outs, training and even employ new staff and freed me up to continue to run the business, and do what I do best. They managed to make what was a massive undertaking a breeze. Would be happy to recommend them to anyone needing professional services to lighten the load, and get things done.

Roger Mccann

RMA Sport

We have worked with ASVS and from day one it was off to a running start. With a growing company I have no worries about leaving almost all of my administration in their capable hands. From the start Adele said “I got this” and she totally has. Friendly, approachable and quick to take on feedback, she manages to be in many places at once!  I can recommend Adele wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help with virtually any task, although I won’t tell too many people -I want to keep her for my own business!

John Wilmshurst

Grain & Weave

Adele is a gem to work with. She has a thorough understanding of her field and is more than delightful to work with. With an impeccable phone manner, Adele has fabulous communication and gets things done promptly. I felt like a top priority working with Adele and she was fantastic at keeping me up to date throughout my project. Highly recommend to anyone considering working with Adele.

Leanne Woff

Virtual Infinity