7 Tips for Preparing Your Business for the Christmas Break

Christmas is nearly upon us once again, so it’s time to start planning for the holiday break!

Our list below should help you get started.

  1. Communicate with clients

There’s not much worse than contacting a business and getting no response and not knowing what’s happening.

So do make sure to let your customers know what you will be doing over the Christmas and New Year period. For example – whether you will be closing up, what dates you will be available, when you will be returning and so on.

  1. Avoid over-committing

If you intend taking a good break over the holiday period, you need to consider what you are willing and able to commit to. This includes ensuring you will have adequate inventory and/or personnel on hand to fulfil your promises to clients.

  1. Schedule posts and emails

Even if you will be taking a break, your business can still keep in touch online! Today’s technology allows you to create posts in advance and schedule them for publishing on set dates in the future.

This includes season’s greeting posts, social media, blogs, emails, product promotions, advertisements and more. These communications can all be written ahead and set up to publish or send when you decide. So it’s time to start planning!

  1. Cover phone calls and emails

While you can schedule posts and emails, there is still the issue of responding to customer email and phone queries that come in.

This means if your business will be fully or partially closing for the break, you need to ensure there will be someone available to handle these tasks.

  1. Work on and start actioning marketing ideas

As most business owners will know, marketing is an ongoing process.

This means you should start working on marketing ideas before the break and the coming year so you can be ahead of the game when you return.

  1. Plan for your return

Sometimes after a break it can take some of us a little time to get back on track, or we may even struggle deciding what to tackle first.

Creating to-do lists and scheduling tasks and meetings can help overcome the inertia and indecision that can occur after a break from work.

  1. Plan some fun and a proper break

You’ve no doubt been working hard all year, so make sure to take some time out. Some fun might also be in order for you and your staff.

So, while you’re busy scheduling everything else, don’t forget to schedule in some fun and break time so you can rest and start the new year afresh!

How a virtual assistant can help fill the gaps

When you hire a virtual assistant service, you’re covered 52 weeks of the year, which means you can take a well-earned rest over the summer! A professional virtual assistant can provide you with services ranging from communications and answering calls to accounts, social media and much more.

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