Busting common myths about a Virtual Assistant


Hiring a virtual assistant can be a daunting prospect. There is a lot of misinformation in circulation regarding remote workers which causes managers to become apprehensive.

You will find that more and more businesses, no matter their size, are starting to use the services of a virtual assistant. Some of these businesses will be your competition! To help you keep up, we have debunked the common myths that surround the topic of hiring a virtual assistant to give you the confidence to hire a remote workforce.

Myth #1:  Only large business use a virtual assistant

The myth that only big businesses should use a virtual assistant could not be further from the truth. A virtual assistant can have so many benefits for smaller businesses over physical staff, from saving overheads on desks, equipment and hardware to the fact that you only have to pay for the work they do.

At AS Virtual Solutions, we work with businesses, both big and small, and Australian virtual assistants from AS Virtual Solutions aren’t afraid to do it all!

Myth #2:  There is too much room for miscommunication

While real-time face-to-face conversation is the preferred method of communication for most of us, advances in technology mean that virtual communication is becoming easier and more accessible. Throughout the recent global pandemic, businesses have seen the benefits virtual communication can provide for the safety of workers.

Task management software such as Trello, Asana and Proofhub help to set tasks, checklists, deadlines and share files. Meaning there is little room for miscommunication if the information is outlaid correctly.

Myth #3:  An Australian virtual assistant is expensive

Whether employed in-house or contracted virtually, all staff come at a cost. An Australian virtual assistant can seem expensive because all of their annual leave, sick pay and insurances are calculated into their hourly rate. Still, if the math is done correctly, you will find that hiring a virtual assistant can be very cost-effective.

If a new task or project has arisen and you feel it might not warrant an employee to take on the task, hiring an Australian virtual assistant is a great way to get the job done without adding liability to your business.

Myth #4: A virtual assistant is less productive

The myth that a virtual assistant is less productive can become a real concern for hiring managers and business owners as they can’t just pop their head around the door to check on progress. However, there is now software that can be used to track a virtual assistant with their time and performance continuously, or until you are satisfied that you can trust their work ethics.

You can also trust that AS Virtual Solutions will find you an Australian virtual assistant with the right skills, attitude and personality to fit the tasks you assign them and be the right fit for your company culture.

Myth #5:  A Virtual Assistant can only be used for basic tasks

Traditionally roles like data entry and administrative tasks were given to a virtual assistant as these roles were easy to manage and the training minimal. However, many virtual assistants can assist in almost any area of your business. At AS Virtual Solutions, we take on tasks as complex as high-volume accounts management, creating complex marketing solutions, completing the challenging outbound sales calls and managing customer relations through social media and online forms.

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