How a Virtual Assistant can assist the top 4 fastest growing industries

How a VA can assist top 4 growing industries

It is easy to assume that most industries are on the decline during the current economic climate of late; however, some Australian industries are experiencing exponential growth despite natural disasters and the recent pandemic. We look at the top four fastest-growing industries in Australia that are predicted to continue to rise throughout this year:

The manufacturing industry

The current pandemic has made us all rethink the manufacturing process and the ability to create products onshore. Local quality, availability, and sustainability are at the forefront of business minds as they weight up the benefits of sourcing locally rather than offshoring at a lower cost. While there is a discussion about bringing manufacturing back onshore to Australia, it is unlikely to be through traditional mass production. Instead, it is expected that Australia’s manufacturing sector will be transformed into an export-focused ecosystem.

If your Australian businesses are starting to look locally for manufacturers, or if you are a growing local manufacturing business, there’s some good news as we may see an influx of incentive backing manufacturing segments that are seen as critical to national resilience and sustainability. Governments are expected to use domestic manufacturing as part of their plan to rebuild Australia post the current crisis.

If your manufacturing business is growing quicker than anticipated, contact one of our Australian virtual assistants who can assist in administration, business development, customer service, sales & marketing AS Virtual Solutions provides structure, growth and strategic planning through valuable business development for growing Australian Manufacturing businesses.

Healthcare industry

2020 has highlighted the importance of key workers, not the mention, the incredible work of the broader Australian healthcare industry. But, well before the pandemic, the healthcare industry was set to see strong demand due to Australia’s growing and ageing population.

It is no surprise that hospitals are an increasing priority for governments and healthcare providers to ensure the support of a healthy population. Australia is set to see a dramatic growth in hospital infrastructure development with funding increasing in every state and territory; creating opportunities to explore new ways of treating patients with patient-centric care remaining a top trend in healthcare.

If you are a specialist within the healthcare sector or export health care services, you may be seeing an increased demand in business during 2020, AS Virtual Solutions can assist in sales and sales support. An area which we understand is so critical to the growth of business yet can be a challenge for many. Our experienced virtual assistant sales team will work with you to set up and monitor sales processes and make those difficult sales calls for you.

Our Australian virtual assistants can offer your healthcare business:

  • Phone and email sales support
  • Implement and track new & current leads
  • Setup key objectives and suggest solutions
  • Telemarketing (cold and warm lead generation) including appointment setting
  • Telemarketing script creation
  • Key account management

Food industry

While the hospitality industry has been dramatically affected as a result of COVID-19, several segments of the food industry have seen significant gains. Food and grocery manufacturers and suppliers have been working around the clock to keep the shelves stocked with essential products for everyday Australians.

Online food & beverage retailing are becoming the fastest-growing product category in eCommerce, with time-poor consumers, especially those living alone, favouring convenient and competitively priced goods that can be purchased weekly online. This consumer trend has resulted in growth in the Prepared Meals Production industry over the past five years.

If your company is part of one of these booming food industry sectors and struggling with the volume of customer service relations, an AS virtual Assistant can provide front line support to ensure your customers are satisfied on every call and email. Working with your clients to answer their queries.

Your Virtual Assistant will always provide you with feedback and can offer the following services:

  • Managing a small or large volume of calls, being your customers first point of contact
  • Answer custom questions and provide necessary information via phone and email
  • Clear communication and maintaining relationships to improve retention
  • Making product/service suggestion to meet your customers’ needs

Technology industry

While Australia may not be the epicentre of the big tech giants, we have some very impressive technology companies of our own such as  Afterpay, Canva and Xero. It’s companies like these that contribute to the technology sector accounting for 6.6 percent of GDOP.

The AI revolution in Australia continues to grow with virtual and augmented reality projected to become an AU$80 million market in the next five years. Featuring new virtual technologies, aimed to enhance communication and training within organisations, improve collaboration outcomes, particularly for those among the growing millennial workforce.

If your business is in the technological industry and is employing increasing members of staff. AS Virtual Solutions can offer assistance in office management and executive assistance. Having an Australian virtual assistant who can organise your day and ensure that your business runs smoothly, will give you the peace of mind to let you do your job!  A growing business may come with a lot of paperwork that can accumulate, and before you know it, it is a tower of never-ending stress.

Our virtual assistance can offer your technology business the following services:

  • Writing and formatting documents
  • Email management
  • Coordinating travel and accommodation
  • Organising events and office relocations
  • Human Resources support: writing policies and procedures, recruitment of staff, interviewing, completing references
  • Invoices, quotes and liaising with suppliers and customers
  • Monitoring and ordering stock

If you are a part of one of these growing industries and need assistance in accounts management, administration, business development, customer service, marketing, sales support or office management, give one of our Australian Virtual Assistant team members a call on 02 9053 9020 to discuss how we can get you organised and grow your business. All of our Australian Virtual Assistant team members are here to listen to your needs, tailor our assistance so your business can flourish.

An ASVS Australian Virtual Assistant will have an extensive background in being able to provide administrative, sales, social media management, accounts and customer service support. Allowing you to feel confident that you are in the right hands.

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