How to prepare your Business for an Australian Virtual Assistant

Delegate to an Australian Virtual Assistant
So, you’ve hired a Virtual Assistant. Firstly, congratulations on taking the next step in business by hiring high-quality virtual assistant staff to increase your efficiency, profitability, and success. But what’s the next step? Let’s look at how you can prepare your business for a Virtual Assistant in particular an Australian Virtual Assistant from AS Virtual Solutions.

Implement the right tools – Any Virtual Assistant will tell you that communication is key to get the most out of virtual staff. Your business can be transformed through technology. Communication software’s such as Asana, Slack, Trello, and Evernote, help form a strong working relationship between you and your Virtual Assistant by minimising risk. Communication tools and project management platforms give you a 360-degree view of your business. The right tools and platforms, with the right people using them, allows your business to increase efficiency, minimise risk and ultimately thrive!

Provide relevant login credentials – If your Virtual Assistant is liaising with your clients on your behalf, make sure your Virtual Assistant has an email address with your business’ domain name set up. Including your companies email signature (if you have one.) Making sure your Virtual Assistant has access to the software and programs your company works with and is set up on any communications platforms you already have, providing them with a username and password. At AS Virtual Solutions, we will make sure that you want to communicate with an ASVS Australian Virtual Assistant directly or if you want them to liaise directly with your clients.

Get interpersonal – Although modern communication platforms are fantastic for conveying information, approving work, and keeping a record of discussions. An interpersonal relationship is important such too. Video communication platforms such as Zoom and Skype are a great tool to use to connect with your Virtual Assistant as it’s always nice to put a face to the name.

Document workflows – Assess your current workflow and look for inefficiencies. Once, you’ve done this, you can either research your options and look for solutions, or you can ask your virtual assistant to adapt your workflows and make any necessary changes. The bottom line is that when you’re managing people other than just yourself in your business, you need a system that continues to be efficient even if you are sick or taking a break.

Document ‘How to’ procedures – For any tasks you wish to delegate to a Virtual Assistant, it is helpful to get down some ‘How-To’ procedures to pass onto your Virtual Assistant or their team. We understand that this task may seem a little time consuming initially, but it will make a world of difference to how well your Virtual Assistant performs. A well-structured and easy to follow ‘How-To’ guide means fewer questions, easy task completion and more time for you to be getting on with what you need to be.

ASVS tip – Developing other guidelines, checklists, and templates is also a great way to get your Virtual Assistant off to a running start! Think of these documents an investment into the efficiency of your business and relationship with your Virtual Assistant.

All these elements – tools, technology, documentation of workflows and procedures, checklists, templates, and guidelines – play a large role in building trust between you and your Virtual Assistant. For a busy company leader like yourself, this frees you up to work ON your business, not IN your business. Or it may even give you the confidence to step away for one reason or another – holiday, personal development, training, rest, preparation of an exit strategy.

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