Hybrid Working? It’s Time to Leverage the Power of a VA!

Hybrid Working

Prior to COVID-19, many businesses didn’t embrace remote work, despite the availability of technology to support it. This might be because employers hadn’t really considered it, or they felt it wouldn’t work for them.

But since the pandemic hit, many businesses have been allowing their employees greater flexibility through working from home, or a hybrid blend of in-person and remote work. This shift in work patterns doesn’t look like changing much in the future either – it’s possible the office will never return to what it once was.

Virtual assistants (VAs) have been remote and hybrid working for much longer than the start of COVID-19. This means we are uniquely positioned to help businesses adapt.

Here are three ways a VA service can be great for a business shifting to the new ways of working.

  1. Get the services you need when you need them

With a VA, you hire services as and when you need them, saving you money.

It might be easy to think VA only take on the admin or other smaller tasks. But in reality, they offer much more. VA services can include business development, customer support, sales support, marketing, office management, finance accounts, social media management and even blog writing.

  1. Prevent burnout in the workplace

In some cases, remote work has led to business owners, managers and/or staff members working longer days than before and feeling they can never switch off.

This is where a VA can really help ease the load (and the stress!) by taking over customer service inquiries for example, or handling social media.

  1. Allow remote-based businesses to delegate

Business owners operating a business remotely might lack the ability to delegate tasks to other people. This could lead to the business owner trying to do too much themselves.

However, when you delegate time intensive tasks to a VA service, you will have more time to focus on business growth and to spend with your family.

And with tech supporting all kinds of communications (e.g. video calls, emails and so on) VA work can be carried out all over the country, without sacrificing consistency or efficiency.

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