5 Ways Tradies Can Benefit from a Virtual Assistant

Tradies & Virtual Assistants

Let’s face it – all businesses must deal with a heap of administration work, and there’s no escaping it! There are calls and emails to respond to, meetings to book, quotes and invoices to send, bills to pay and more.

Tradies in particular often work long hours and may be out on site a lot. This can leave you with little time or energy to face admin when you get back to the office. At the same time, you might not have the desire or means to employ a full-time team to do it all for you.

This is where Virtual Assistant services come in – providing backup for admin tasks as required.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is flexible, offering a range of services as and when you need them to help you grow your business. Here are five key benefits Virtual Assistant services offer.

  1. Improved productivity

You literally cannot be in all places at once. Partnering with a Virtual Assistant frees up your time so you can focus on your area of expertise and meeting your customers’ needs.

  1. Fewer interruptions

Hiring a Virtual Assistant means you get less of those annoying interruptions that can frequently pop up during your busy day.

  1. Savings on work space, stress, and costs

Virtual Assistants work from home or a remote office, so you don’t need to worry about providing office space for them. You also get to avoid the range of expenses, obligations and potential problems that come with employing an administration team.

  1. Cover all bases

A good Virtual Assistant service can provide a range of services saving you the need to employ a bunch of people to perform different tasks. And most importantly, you only pay for the services as and when you require them.

  1. Time to recharge

By taking admin off your hands, you have more time to recharge your batteries and to spend with family and friends.

What type of services can Virtual Assitants offer tradies?

Here are some examples of the services a Virtual Assistant could provide for a trades business:

  • Answer phones and email queries – helping to ensure you don’t miss out on important jobs or discussions with customers.
  • Reception/customer service – frontline support not only helps a business appear more professional, but also helps streamline admin processes.
  • Quoting – creating and following up quotes takes up valuable time, but a quality VA service can save you that time by handling it for you.
  • Booking appointments – which helps to ensure you don’t get double-booked and that appointments fit in with your busy schedule.
  • Invoicing – if you don’t send out your invoices, you don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that!

At AS Virtual Solutions, we can offer tradies all of the above, and more as well! Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your admin needs.

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