Top 3 ways an Australian Virtual Assistant can help you during the holidays

Celebrate Christmas with peace of mind knowing an Australian Virtual Assistant has got your back

The holiday season is fast approaching and while the end of 2020 may not be as hectic as previous years, you may still be feeling like there are a million and one tasks to complete and not enough time to complete them.

At least 40% of Australians struggle with work-life balance and 1 in 6 Australian doesn’t take annual leave at all! If you are one of these workaholic Aussies believing your business will come to a stand-still if you take time off, it may be time to hire a virtual assistant.

While we can’t assist ‘Santa’ in finding the new games console that sold out worldwide for your teenager, our reliable Australian virtual assistants can help ease some of the work stress that is associated with the holiday season.  With the help of an Australian virtual assistant, many things can be accomplished and we are sure that we have a virtual assistant that fits your needs.

Here are three ways an Australian virtual assistant can help you during the holidays.

1. Christmas closure updates

Keeping your clients up to date with your Christmas trading hours or closure dates is not only important but a great opportunity to connect with your clients/customers and thank them for their business and support during such a tough year.

Our team includes an Australian virtual assistant who specialises in marketing and can take care of all your marketing needs surrounding the holidays. Whether it be a Christmas closure newsletter, a holiday update social post or a trading hour pop up on your website, ASVS has you covered!

2. Responding to emails

Want to take an extended break this holiday season? Do it! After seeing through this year, you deserve it.

What about the exploding inbox when I return, we hear you ask?

Don’t worry! Your dedicated team of Australian virtual assistants can help keep your mind on your vacation and off your clients/customers by responding to emails. Knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your inbox helps you focus on yourself, your family and gives you peace of mind during such a precious time of the year.

3. Prepare for the year ahead

2020 has been a game-changer for most businesses, some for the better, while others for the worst. Whether your business has skyrocketed this year or if all you’ve seen are tumbleweeds, your business has room to improve in 2021.

An Australian virtual assistant from ASVS can help analyse your company’s performance and help you to plan the next stage. An Australian virtual assistant can provide insights on your business progress and suggest areas of improvement, helping you come up with the best strategy for the new year ahead!

Without meaning to sound like a national chocolate bar advert, TAKE A BREAK! The importance of taking a break from time to time for both your physical and mental wellbeing has been well documented not to mention the positive effects it can have on both your home and work life.

We understand that you are an integral part of your business and so AS Virtual Solutions is here to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible while you are away whether that be for a day, a week, a month or longer! Contact an Australian virtual assistant from As Virtual Solutions today to find out how we can assist your business this holiday season.



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