The Five Best Tasks to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant

Are you on the fence about hiring a virtual assistant? Not entirely sure what they’d be able to help you out with? Think your business and systems are too complicated for someone else to learn on the fly? 

It’s okay, many business owners struggle to let others help them out with their growing business. Once you take a VA on-board and get the help you need, that’s where the *real* growth can start to happen. When you free up the bandwidth in your brain and leave the menial time-consuming tasks to your VA, it means you can go BACK to doing what you’re passionate about and start working ON your business rather than IN it.

Below we go through some of the best tasks that you can outsource to your VA:

1. Administration

In order to achieve your business goals, you should hire a virtual assistant whose skill set matches your needs! You should customize your job requests for each specific customer service need in your business to ensure that you choose the right person for the job. A VA from AS Virtual Solutions can be hired to assist with all the duties an administrative assistant usually performs, this includes:

  • Scheduling appointments and diary management
  • Answering and screening phone calls and emails
  • Data entry
  • Organising your to-do list and calendar
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Basically, anything that an administrative assistant usually does!

The only difference here is that your VA from AS Virtual Solutions doesn’t have a physical desk in your office. Apart from that – it’s pretty much the same thing as your typical administrative assistant.

2. Accounts Management

We’re not going to lie, we all know how draining client relations can be. Behind the scenes of most businesses these days virtual assistants are ensuring account management tasks are completed. As part of your strategy for client accounts, your accounts management VA will be responsible for handling client enquiries by email, phone or even video call if so needed. Our VA’s here at AS Virtual Solutions take pride in nurturing client relationships for you and assisting with client communication. They can take on the pickiest of clients and delicately handle and assist to de-escalate their issues.

By eliminating account management related tasks from your schedule, you can focus more on the big picture. Having a VA from AS Virtual Solutions on your team enables you to take time to plan, outline your business and account management strategy, find new clients and customers, as well as attend networking functions and industry conferences.

3. Marketing

Our team includes marketing pros who can help you demystify the concepts of SEO, content marketing and of course help you come up with strong campaign strategies to increase your ROI. A virtual assistant can be outsourced to establish and maintain social media profiles and your online presence. Because social media is constantly evolving, it is crucial to keep your social media accounts and marketing strategy up to date. By hiring a VA from AS Virtual Solutions, you can have your social media accounts monitored and kept up to date at the highest standard.

By providing some initial guidance on your brand message and tone, your VA can then take the wheel and increase your followers, impressions, sales conversions, as well as manage and monitor your marketing ads on Google other social media platforms. Your VA can plan thoughtful, eye-catching social media campaigns from scratch and can create and update your social media calendar with the content sourced by them or provided by you. 

4. Phone and Email Support

How long are you spending on the phone each day? What would you rather be doing with that time? Here at AS Virtual Solutions, we have software that allows your business calls to be directly fed through to our phones. We pick up the phone and answer it professionally just like you would! All details are taken down and emailed to you so you can respond more efficiently in your own time. We’ll even prioritise them for you.

A virtual assistant can not only answer and screen calls for you, but also schedule appointments and travel as well as provide project support and other niche services. You can rely on your virtual assistant to pick up and answer all of your incoming calls, giving you your well deserved time (and sanity!) back.

5. Sales Support

New lead generation coming from calls and emails is not the sole factor that determines your business revenue. You shouldn’t overlook the possibility of working with past leads and clients again (Something our VA’s can absolutely assist with). In your sales database, your VA will help you keep track of new and old leads. Your VA will follow up with these leads to remind them of your product and keep it at the forefront of their mind.

When your sales team has quality leads sourced by your VA, they will be able to maximize the value of the time they spend talking to prospects. You will be able to filter out low-quality leads and spend more time closing sales and increasing business revenue.


How we can help

So there you have it! The amount and type of tasks you can outsource to your VA is almost endless. The main factor is they can take over the tasks that you dread so you can focus on the more important things.

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